Getting brighter

It’s turned from the bottom of the shortest day, winter equinox. It’s getting earlier of the sunrise and later of the sunset.

I found it yesterday. It was still bright nearly 5:00 pm, the actual sunset time was 4:50pm. It’s changing a minute day by day. I’m very delighted to see it.

Getting brighter


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  1. Good morning☀
    Definitely, the morning is brightly from early little by little.
    By the way
    I’m busy so clean up the room.
    Because clear the New years goods.


  2. I’m glad that the sunset will be delayed.
    I feel also today is not winter.
    By the way,
    My son’s family brought came to our house a cold’s virus.
    My husband who played a lot with my grandchildren received their cold’s virus.
    And now, My husband is asleep with side effects of cold medicine.
    Just like Ann I’m busy with cleaning and laundry.


  3. Since it is not one month yet from the day of the winter solstice, it is not so felt that the sunshine time is prolonged by visible, but it is surely becoming longer in minute increments.
    When being in the time of the summer solstice, the sunrise will be about two and a half hours earlier, the sunset will be delayed more than two hours and the sunshine times will be longer by four and a half hours from now.
    I can’t wait for such a day very much.

    By the way, when I previously visited Italy in the summer, I was surprised that the sunset was at about 9 p.m and twilight state lasted until about 10 p.m.
    (Though it is an unnecessary addition, Did not my comment arrive yesterday?)


    1. It’s so much fun for coming the summer time and sunshine longer.
      Oh…I didn’t notice your comment yesterday. I’ll check it immediately.



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