New Year’s resolution

It’s 12th in January but at the beginning of the class it’s not too late for the New Year’s resolution. What’s yours? I’d like to hear that. Before it, let’s have a look of the conversation between Ken and Amy.

Ken; I’m now brand new. I have a big dream this year.

Amy; what’s it ?

K; It’s a secret. What’s your resolution this year, Amy?

A; Nothing special…I hope to ride a bike by myself.

K; That’s nice. I wish I could but for me it’s no use to ride a bike, instead I want to fly.

A; You want to fly? How can you fly without wings?

K; I have no wings but I would like to wear feathers to make me fly in the sky.

A; It’s so surprising to hear….what makes you to think so?

K; No reason but I have a friend Miss Flamingo. She flies very gorgeous and

beautiful. I promised her to fly in the sky together.

A; Are you sure? It’s hard to say that you’ll never able to fly but you can ride a plane.

K; I’m not going to give up easily. I’ll try to do my best until my dream comes true.

A; Ken, I’ll always by your side but this case won’t be possible to tell the truth.

K; I’m not an idiot and follow my heart.

A; I have no idea just hope you’re fine in the end.

K; Thank you, I’m all right.


New Year’s resolution」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛄⛄⛄
    It’s funny and interesting story.
    Amy’s thought resemble me💕🎵💖
    But I flew to sky☀ with airplane✈
    Because I have gained weight , so I’m short of feather.
    My New Years resolution
    ① slim down
    ② gather feather
    ③ make friend with Miss Flamingo


  2. In the area where I live there is snow melting equipment.
    But, this morning it is not working.
    The state of the road is the worst so I can’t go to the classroom today.
    I am sorry.


  3. My resolution of this year is to cheer as much as possible by both material and mental support so that the two grandson playing baseball can get best result.
    Elder grandson will be junior high school third grade, and younger grandson will be elementary school 6th grade. They came playing baseball from elementary school first grade.
    This year, they will be the highest grade of each school, so I want them to do their best and I expect them.
    Though not a special thing, my own resolution is to continue studying English for prevention of dementia and to walk well for maintenance of health as the same as every year.


    1. It’s so splendid for you to live healthy not only for yourself but also your lovely grandchildren. They will give you great energy.



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