Leap frog phenomenon

It’s reported that the fastest Super Computer this year top 2 are both Chinese CPU. It’s the most important mission in that country to develop IT.

So to speak this article also describes how fast Chinese are using smart phones in their life….it’s called “smartphone society”. They don’t have cash but pay by electronic money even in small changes. It’s because their money is inconvenient to be used in machines or changing at the teller. Their social life lines are delayed and the smartphone are very convenient and easily used in their life. It’s said “Leap frog phenomenon”.

Leap frog phenomenon


Leap frog phenomenon」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    I don’t know this word.🐸🐸🐸
    But I know Chinese’s phenomenon of cellphone’s money.
    I thought , Its measure to fake money.
    The word has deeply mean.


  2. Recently I have seen this news twice on TV.
    I was very surprised that “person on the street life” has a QR code.
    QR code seems to be used not only in major cities of China but also in small cities.
    But I think that QR code is only used in urban areas.
    I don’t like so much the management of personal information. So I think I’ll not use it.
    Even so, I use super’s point cards and credit cards.
    By the way,
    The weather forecast said that it will not rain in this morning.
    So, I washed ‘ hada futon’.


    1. It’s cold and dark today. It didn’t rain in the morning so I washed and hung them outside in the veranda. But they are still wet.


  3. Certainly China’s development situation in recent years is amazing.
    I was surprised by the present situation of Chinese “smartphone society” mentioned in this article.
    But I doubt how many people are enjoying such a situation among 1.3 billion people.
    The image of China we think is a one-party dictatorship in which speech and ideas are restricted and countries where air and water pollution has become constant. I am glad that I was Japanese.

    By the way, I feel heavy body because I slept all day, but I am heading to recovery.
    Today was rainy and cold, but Emperor Dalia in my house bloomed one flower finally.


    1. Even technologies and modern life style are developed the natural things are having their routine never forget blooming and dying then store the power for next year! It’s natural mystery, we’ll never surpass.




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