It’s so amazing power that imperial dahlia which had been hit and broken by several typhoon attacks. But some of them are survived to bloom in a short size. But one which is protected steady is alive so tall more than 3m high. They’re doing great works this year, too.

It’s not my garden but the path along the field where I take my dog for a walk.



    1. It’ll be rain and temperature will be down until this weekend to next week. They’ll have hard time only for a short moment mild day.


  1. Nature is truly amazing.
    There is a small sunflowers that is fell by the typhoon in my neighborhood .
    When I saw them yesterday, They were blossoming with remain collapse.
    I thought it’s amazing.
    And, Today there was a phots of “Emperor Dalia” from you.

    Yesterday, TV news said there is “Ocarina” made in Fukushima’s “Kiseki no1pon matu”. And that the concert using that “Ocarina” was held at Carnegie Hall.
    I thought nature gives us great power.


  2. This year, when Emperor Dalia grew big, the typhoon accompanied by strong wind hit this area, so it got damaged, did not it?
    Also in our home, Emperor Dalia was over 3 m, so the tip broke and the leaf branches were damaged.
    However, there are more than a dozen flower buds remaining from the side buds of branches, and some of them have signs of bloom yesterday. I hope that it will bloom without losing the rain and cold from tomorrow.

    By the way, from yesterday night, I had catch cold and I got a fever of 38.5 degrees and went to the clinic today. I will take a rest for a while



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