I walked around the town after a long while. I started around 9:00 am and had some tea break. Then I came back on a longer distant way in the morning.

It was cool and cloudy sometimes sunshine broke from the cloud. It was very easy to walk.  I noticed it was totally 15,000 steps. I was not tired nor having pain in my legs. 

I’d like to walk more in such a short fine day.


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  1. Good morning ☀
    You are good walker👣❗❕
    I walk only around my house in Toyama.
    But I went to Tokyo or Osaka,I walked 20000〜30000 steps a day.
    I go out for my health.( LOL)


  2. Yesterday was a fine weather to walk.
    We walked four hours, but I didn’t check the number of steps.
    There are many ups and downs at Kureha hills, which is my recommended walking course.
    It’s good to walk because my value of neutral fat is high.
    But it’s difficult for me to make walking a habit.
    Because, I’m easily swayed (- -;).


  3. Your walking of 15,000 steps or more is amazing, isn’t you?
    I also started walking every morning on the occasion of company retirement, after that I belonged to the local walking club and have been continuing full-scale walking for about 10 years.
    I have recorded the daily number of steps by always having a pedometer, and aim for an average of 10,000 steps per day.
    What I have walked the most is about 65,000 steps per day when I joined the Honolulu Marathon three years ago and walked the whole course by walking only.
    However, since this year I have been focusing on watching or cheering the baseball game of two grandsons, also photographing and video shooting, editing etc, so it is getting less to walk.
    So, when the number of steps is small, I am doing stepping exercise in the house for about 20 minutes with the goal of walking more than 10,000 steps per day.
    It is said aging begins with weak legs and loins, so I would like to continue walking as possible as I can.


    1. It’s so amazing that you’re making your every day exercising, walking and stepping on the machine. I’m lazy and walking and exercising temporarily in a occasion.




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