Just a reminder

It’s season to catch a cold when it comes colder and colder outside.

When I feel like getting cold, drink ginger tea and herb medicine such as “Kakkontou” first and take a good sleep. It’s the first step to protect myself to get worse. Using mask also prevents from going to bad soar throat at night.

This is a small story about herb medicine. For just a reminder.

Just a reminder


Just a reminder」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅
    In case of me ,I usually begin to cough.
    I take Baiyaku「seki dome maha」
    Stop cough at once.
    Next day ,I’m fine.😄


  2. Today, there was sunshine, but the lowest temperature was 10 degrees or less and the temperature did not rise too much during the day, so it will become easier to catch a cold.
    I also had previously caught a cold once in this season, but recently not catch cold.
    When I have a cold symptom, I am preventing more worse by warming up my body and taking a rest enough.


  3. Oh,it may be a bit of fatigue from the verybeginning,take care of your self

    Today ,I went to volunteer for international exchange.Itook theFurisode on, Everyone was pleased!




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