What’s the safe oil?

It’s been said oil is bad when it comes to be old because it’s easily oxidazed. It’s much better to eat fish which has good one.

What’s the safe oil?


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  1. I’m using tempura and fried foods with rice oil.
    And I’ll dispose of used rice oil.
    My friends say that they reuse oil they used.
    I want to prioritize my health.
    By the way,
    Tomorrow, my mountain group is going to walk at “Kureha Hills”.
    We’ll walk about 4 hours from “Gohuku park” to “Otakadai”.
    After that, we’ll do “Year end Party” at “Kureha Heights”.
    It may be a bit early, but …LOL


  2. I am almost ignorant with cooking because I am entrusting to my wife entirely.
    But, when reading this article, I found that my wife understood the contents of this article to a certain extent.
    In our home, blue fish comes out at dinner at least once a week, and fried foods are not super, but surely eat fried at home.

    By the way, funeral of my wife’s uncle was held today and I and wife attended.
    Although he is her uncle, we were not so serious because the day-to-day relationship was sparse.
    But I am a little surprised that this funeral was the tenth attendance this year. Every year, it is sad that relatives, people in the town, acquaintances die.




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