Black & White

I’ve tried to get those black and white bread roll which taste different ingredients such as cream, sausage, sauce and some other kinds of toppings jam or fruits. They’re aound ¥300 each. I wanted to buy something else but they were sold out because of one of the best popular…Keema curry and salmon mayonnaise. I bought zunda whipped black, sausage, peanutbutter and dried grape with rum.

They are so easy and powerful snack for lunch. The shop is being popular and having long line to wait. I was lucky to be without waiting so long.


Black & White」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good afternoon☀
    It’s look like delicious🎶💕
    I came back in japan . I’ll came back my house now😆
    I’m very fine😄


  2. Koppepan specialty shop “Black and White ” opened on 23th September, but since then it is continuing to be great prosperity that it will be sold out at early in the afternoon every day. I am always seeing a long line of people to buy in front of this shop.
    Since the selling point of this shop is “Toyama Black Coppe” using prefecture-produced bamboo charcoal and “Tateyama Snow White Coppe” using prefecture-produced rice powder. So, this shop name is “Black and White”.
    By the way, though this shop is nearby my house, I have never been to this shop yet because don’t like being kept waiting.
    When don’t need to be waiting, I would like to go by all means.


    1. I know what you mean…,I happened to go by there and no line there yesterday that’s why I got into this shop. But it took me more than 20 minutes to buy them finally.



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