Why not early education

It’s a researcher’s report that early education for infants are useless. Is it true?

Maybe many Japanese who believe in having their children in such early education paying so much don’t want to agree to it. Whether you believe it or not you can’t buy ability of skill or intelligence but get by yourself in the end.

Why not early education


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  1. Hearing this article, I felt like “the scales fell from my eyes”.
    In my house, my son’s couple are always forcing my grandsons to study or to go to a cram school for good grades and to drink enough milk or to eat lots of rice for large body.
    Since I have sympathized with my grandsons, I would like my son’s couple to want to read this article.


    1. Indeed…., recently young generation tends to be more careful about cram school for their children because of fear of their future and well educated will help them a lot they think. But we should know about learning can be done from curiosity and power of life.


  2. Good morning☁⛄
    I understand my children , they are look like me or husband.
    I can’t help it.
    By the way
    I went hiking in forests with the grop on last night.
    Of course we couldn’t watch an Aurora but we met a man with two dogs🐶🐶 at observation hut for Aurora💕🎵✴
    We enjoyed them.
    I should say good bye in Finland today😭😢
    I will until the enjoy to the end.😄😉😆😁


  3. You will introduce articles that I sympathize with.
    I agree with Mr. Tsuji of yesterday and Mr. Takahashi of today.
    I didn’t compel my children to study or sport.
    They chose their own way by themselves.
    My husband and I just helped as much as possible for them.
    Therefore, my son doesn’t compel to his children.
    I was relieved to read this article.
    I want children growing up to be generous.


    1. You know what’s the most important to give children from parents, not the products but how to make products. It’ll be more useful for them to make out their own answer and how to get the result by themselves.




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