Walking in the fragrance 

It was very hot yesterday. When I walked my dog in the evening fragrant olives were having their fragrance in the air. I saw them so many here and there in front of each house. It’s the symbol of autumn fine day….but I’m sorry it’ll be rainy for days in this weekend. I can’t smell them anymore this season.


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  1. Good morning☔
    It’s very big and beautiful❗❗
    When I walked catch fragrance,I search around for tree.
    So It’s good fragrance even small tree.
    I like fragrant white olive’s fragrance more than fragrant olive.
    ( ☆∀☆)(#^.^#)(^-^)/


  2. Flowers of fragrant olives are blooming here and there recently, aren’t it?
    Also at our home, it began to bloom a few days ago and it was in full bloom yesterday.
    The fragrant olives were spreading a peculiar good fragrance around the surroundings.
    But, unfortunately the flowers began to fall off with rain from this morning.
    Because the rain continued likely the next few days, flowers of fragrant olives will be the end of this year.
    By the way, now a little strange toad lily(Japanese name “hototogisu”) are blooming in my garden.


  3. Unfortunately there is no “Fragrant olive” around me.
    Therefore, I can’t enjoy the scent.
    Weather forecast says it will rain from today.
    We have a plan going to the mountain on Sunday to see the autumn leaves.
    So, I’m hoping that it will not rain.


    1. According to the weather forecast it’ll be rainy until Monday but not sure it would be true or not…depends on uncertain “weather”. It means not sure but everything.


  4. My house have fragrant olive,I feel autumn smell fragrant olive.autumn came my house.
    I’m fuul of happiness! I went Japanesse sake party with my husband.
    Today’s we tasteing some “Hiyaoroshi” very good tast it’s happy time!




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