Greeting with good mates

My pet dog Marie is 14-year-old. She liked walking on and on before but now only for several minutes around the neighborhood.

She likes to see her friend Goku, he’s 12-year-old. He also likes to see Marie and love each other💕

It’s very happy moment.


Greeting with good mates」への11件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I was amazed by the good friend s of Goku and Marie.
    My pet, Nana doesn’t good at Shiba and dog’s communication.
    She is selfish.
    You and Marie have a good and happy time with Goku 💓💕🐶


    1. Marie lived with Nao who was a 15-year-old Shiba dog when she was a puppy. But Nao died of her 16 years life next year. Marie missed Nao so much that’s why she likes Shiba dog.


  2. Marie seemed happy! My pet dog choco is very friendly,She is very popularity neighborhood peoples.
    she healed by us. We wish for her good health!


  3. Walking is a wonderful time for her, is not it?
    My friend’s dog is 16 years old.
    She look to me by her cute eyes when I visit.
    I hug her.


  4. Their appearance seems to be very intimate, doesn’t them?
    Your pet dog Marie of 14 years old is about 70 years old if converted to human age, and her friend Goku of 12 years old is about 60 years old.
    So, their relationship is “December love”, isn’t it?(LOL)
    “December love” is “love in old age” according to the net.

    By the way, today was hot weather, such as came back the summer following yesterday, wasn’t it?
    In our garden, the osmanthus is in full bloom and a good fragrance are spreading around.


    1. Yeah,,,I found them blooming here and there spreading it’s sweet fragrance. I’m just preparing for tomorrow’s blog about those fragrant olive.



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