A dog candidate for Mayor

It’s funny news that a popular dog runs a race for election of the Mayor in Canada. The dog is known to be a trained actor on tv so people like to see him as a candidate.

He is a kind of hope who works for people without reward nor pay much just dog food as a tireless worker.

A dog candidate
A dog candidate video


A dog candidate for Mayor」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    It’s very good news❗
    Some Member of the House of Representative, they are like a dog🐶
    A illicit affair
    (Animal’s ok )
    A liar, bark,and hide.
    Plese Candidat,
    You work as much as dog🐶


  2. It’s enjoiyable news!

    My sibling couples and relatives visit my house during holidays,I was very busy.
    I have to memorization script,but i couldn’t memorization.
    I worry a little , I try a little by a little!


    1. I’m sure you have feeling uneasy for the speech but it’s your challenge to make your skill up! You’re a brave and happy challenger!


  3. It’s very funny news, isn’t it?
    By the way, in Japan it is the public notice day of the election that chooses the Diet member today.
    We must choose people to commit seriously Japan’s future without being distracted of booms and slogans without entities.


    1. I understand what you mean…I also hate only good hearing to ears ” AI or BI” it’s funny for the syllable but empty meaning at all.


  4. This is a news with great humor, isn’t it?
    It is important to have an interest in elections.
    I want to send to my grandchildren that Japan that can live peacefully and humanly .

    I’m sorry I sent you a comment later.




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