How to wash hair

It’s a new way to hear to wash your hair without any shampoo but only by hot water. According to the article, it keeps your head skin and hair healthy. 

If you worry about the smell without shampoo you can solve it by brushing and combing before washing by soft products.

As getting old our skin is getting weak so we need to protect ourselves from chemical things.

What do you think?

How to wash hair


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  1. Good morning☀
    We went to grave of pet’s Goro , Coro,and Silver🐶🐶🐶
    I shampooed my hair every day until five years ago.
    My daughter said 「It’s no good .you shampoo twice a week. It’s good.」
    She gave me shampoo and conditioner on my Birthday.
    I used them, those are very good.💕💓


  2. I saw the ingredients of the shampoo I’m using.
    There is no laurus sulfate in my shampoo, but lauric acid is contained.
    There is no conditioner etc in my shampoo.
    But, after a shampoo, they are not necessary these.
    I’m buying from makers studying cosmetics of gentle to the skin.
    I want to use not only cosmetics but also detergents as close to natural as possible.
    By the way,
    Finally it became the autumn of appetite for me.
    I want to eat the rice cracker, icecream with bean paste.
    I’m going to Osakaya from now.


  3. Caring for my hair is very important matter for me at the moment.
    Although taking only shower in summer, we take a bath every day in our home. However I wash my hair every day, but useing the shampoo only once in two to three days.
    So, I am done contents of this article in advance.

    By the way, it was a sweaty climate such as summer came back today, wasn’t it?
    There were two younger grandson’s baseball games today and my family went to cheer.
    One of game was the regular final game of the boy baseball league and it was a draw. Another game was the junior quarterfinals and won with 9 to 6, and advanced to the semi-finals.
    So, our baseball game cheering will still continue.



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