Movie cafe

I went to the movie cafe “Hotoriza” to watch the off road movie “Les Innocentes”.

It was very serious based on real life of a French female doctor at the end of WWII at the Polish abbey in Poland.

I really wanted to watch it but it was not broadcasted on any other major theaters.

Hotoriza is to release it from yesterday once a day for a couple weeks.

It was also for the first time to visit KARVAN which offers rice bread cafeteria. I ate lunch plate with coffee for ¥1,200. Rice bread is very good. I like it very much.

Les Innocentes


Movie cafe」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    You had good lunch🍞🍜☕
    I can’t think Polish’s pain , I can’t imagine there’s very hard life❗
    I pray everybody’s peace and happy💕


  2. When I went to “Central Street” with my friends in May, I thought it was a strange movie theater.
    But, That movie theater is showing that kind of movies, isn’t it?
    I’m glad that such a movie theater still exists.
    That is a recommended spot!
    By the way,
    My area’s sports festival was held today.
    I was in the sports festival from morning.
    today’s weather was very good.
    And, Wind of from the sea was very comfotable.


    1. It seems it’s lovely holiday during three days’. I’m having slight cold to have a stomach ache so I’m caring at home doing something interesting. I’m not bored.


  3. I knew the movie cafe and the off road movie “Les Innocentes” for the first time on your blog.
    When checking on the net, “Hotoriza” is a Mattari (relax and chill) cafe located in Chuo-dori, Toyama-city and it seems to be a shop selling various kinds of information, music, movies, art, craft, food, life, local without regard to the famous or not famous.
    I felt interested in this shop.

    By the way, although the autumn festival will be October 10th, there was child mikoshi in my town today and my younger grandson and granddaughter joined there. I also joined there as cameraman.


    1. It was nice of you in such a mild calm day to have had a autumn festival in your neighborhood community though it was said there would be bad weather chilly and rainy in the weekend.



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