Are you all right?

Are you all right?
It’s very understanding to read the article that ” Are you all right?” and ” I’m all right” in Japanese are being used differently recently.  I noticed among young people  who are working as a clerk in a convenience store or  at a restaurant.

For example, 

C;   ” Are you all right not having paper bag?” 

M;  ” That’s OK.” 

I think it’s not strange in English but when translating into Japanese directly a little strange. It’s natural to say to change into Japanese, 

C;  ” Do you want a paper bag?”

M; ” No thank you.”

In the other case, 

M; ” I’m sorry to have made the table dirty, would you clean it?”

C;  ” All right.”

Foe natural Japanese is,

C;  ” No proble.”

C; clerk, M; me

I’m getting clear it as wrighting this note which I had been had in my mind why ” All right” is being used differently.

I found another reason! It’s how to change from English to Japanese! It sometimes caused to make influences in the conversation. 

What do you think?


Are you all right?」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I heared often strange Japanese recently.
    It’s natural ,translated strange Japanese into English.
    I use strange English,coz study shortage.
    I have to study hard.


  2. Mysterious Japanese is increasing in recent years.
    I can understand the Japanese of this article, but I cann’t understand the words used in the smartphone at all.
    when converting those magical Japanese to English, probably we will not understand what you want to say.
    I’m struggling to express ordinary Japanese in English.
    By the way,
    The Nobel Peace Prize was “ICAN”.
    The world wants a world without nuclear weapons. I want we to continue our efforts.


    1. It’s said words and languages are developing as time goes by and there will be disappearing words called “dead words” that are not used by people. On the other hand, there new words will be born as well.


  3. Certainly, “iidesu” that Japanese people say has two meanings as “yes” or “no”.
    In the same way, I don’t understand well about proper use of “all right” and “no problem” in English.
    Both of Japanese and English are very difficult, aren’t it?(LOL)


    1. It happens even using the same language misunderstanding would be but only language isn’t perfect. So our communication consent is based on trust and smile….isn’t it ?



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