Guts cosmos

I saw very strong and full of guts cosmos on the path along the field. It’s a narrow way on the stream which is covered by concrete bridge behind the street. I often walk my dog and see the season flowers besides.

This cosmos is growing from the crack of concrete ” called guts cosmos ” I think.


Guts cosmos」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    Cosmos is beautiful and elegance💕
    I have guts Kokia my house left side and at the back.
    It’s very strong, so doesn’t lose at the stamp👣
    Flower is beautiful and strong🌻🍁
    I want to be.


  2. I thought that only weeds bloom in such places.
    My hibiscus is still blooming in cold.
    Jack ‘s “kingyoso” also has flowers.
    I’m cold and trembling, but the flowers are strong! !

    it’s cold today. I’m wearing winter clothes.


    1. If just no name weeds we’re growing there they would have been reduced and pulled out earlier but blooming pretty plants are left and shown off.


  3. It is a very amazing cosmos, isn’t it?
    Exactly, I also think it’s “Guts cosmos”.
    I could recognize again that nature has very strong vitality.
    By the way, it is also amazing matter that tomatos growing from side bud can still harvest its fruit in my garden.
    My granddaughter love tomato, so she is eating it every day without buying at super market.


  4. Cosmoss is very strong ,gut cosmoss bloom evry where recently!

    I practice sperch but memorize script is very hard for me.
    I memorize little by little



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