With lovable one

Pets are no more just a pet but a part of members of family.  They can communicate with face or body sometimes shaking tails or making voice of their own languages.

But they grow old and get sick as well…, and come to the end. They get old 4 times faster than humans’ one. We can’t but accept their happy ending. It’s sad but it’s also knowing how to live and how to die from them. Especially for the young children they should learn how precious life is and taking care of tiny life. 

With lovable one


With lovable one」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I experienced three dog’s finale life😱😫😭
    I love dog🐶
    My life with dog.
    The fourth dog🐶
    Dog’s name is Nana.
    She is very cute💓💗
    She is 「kasugai」
    My husband and me.




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