Save the spices

It’s reported that they start to expel crows which climb to the 3,000 meters high and prey the eggs of grouses, which are in the red list and protected as a special natural treasure.

I wonder if it’s natural for the human beings to control natural life…, but I can’t blame it because I really hate arrogant crows increasing badly in the town even in the mountains. 

Save the species


Save the spices」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning. I knew the wisdom of the crow, but I knew for the first time that it was also located 3000 meters high. I think that every world is serious.🦅


  2. Good morning ☀
    Human destroyed a lot of an ecosystem.
    When We go to mountain we carryplant’s seed of flatland.
    We careful of save seed.🐣🐥🐤



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