Be careful of Campylobacter

We should be very cautious about Campylobacter in chicken meat, especially this season.

Not only this but also other food poisoning is really careful.



Avoid food poisoning


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    1. You say so….I’m accustomed to be it. But I regularly shampoo and brush teeth each of my dog after meal to avoid getting infections.


  1. Good morning. Because I could not write yesterday, the date is wrong. Recently things are easy to rot. I am also careful when cooking.🍱


  2. Good morning ⛅
    My husband loves chicken🐤
    I Cook it to use grill.
    ICook with out hurry.
    Outside「pari pari」
    Inside 「soft」
    When I used a refrigerated of food for overheat to use a microwave.
    By the way
    I met my friend after 50years yesterday.👩👯→👱👱
    I see her face ,she is’nt change❗❗
    We had good time😆😄☕☕
    I am very happy💕



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