Helpful tool

I’ve liked to clean the room since I got Dyson Digital Slim cleaner for two years. It’s light and easy but powerful stick cleaner for everywhere. But I claimed one thing for the windowsills such as narrow rails of the windows. 

I finally found a good tool for the narrow slideroads to clean. It’s ” flexible nozzle “. I bought it online and used it. I’m totally satisfied with it and get to love clean the sashes!


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  1. Good morning. that’s nice. The groove of my house’s sash is dirty. Although I have plenty of time, I am not motivated at all. It is troubled.😫


    1. I know it very well…and I did like you until yesterday. As I got the good tool yesterday I really love to clean them all. I get happy 😊 now!


  2. Good morning⛅
    You use a good tool.
    There are very excellent tool.
    I use rumba,It’s good too.
    But it c cleaning sash rail.
    I unwillingly cleaning on sash rail.😞😔😖
    I am helpful tool for rumba,




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