How to speak English 

It’s not common in Japan to speak English in our daily life because we can communicate in Japanese only.  But it makes us not being used to speak English little. 

We should know why we feel inferior to speak English even though having studied for a long period.

How to speak English


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    1. I can understand what he is saying but it’s one of the theory and it’s not easy to. So challenging in every life as easy as possible on your pace.


  1. Good morning. I would like to increase the time involved in English every day. It requires effort and perseverance. I would like to start from 10 minutes a day.


  2. Good morning ☀
    That’s right❗
    I learned English for an entrance examination at school.
    I can’t listening so teacher speaks Japanese English It’s not real English.
    Now Ican’t listening yet.
    I speak some mistakes in my speak English.
    I wish as a lot as I can speak in English(*^▽^)/★*☆♪♪Ю―(^▽^o) ♪(*^ー^)ノ♪( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆



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