What’s communication?

It’s very symbolistic in my memory that the tv program “The world travel with Kaoru Kanetaka” was broadcasted and introduced as a pioneer of  showing us different countries and cultures.

She’s a kind of charisma of bilingual as well as a noble Japanese fair lady. I remember she answered it “Perth” when she was asked where she would like to live in the rest of life.  That’s why I strongly recommended my daughter when she was allowed to enter any 7 public universities from Cairnes, Goldcoast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

If I didn’t know about Kanetaka Kaoru I would not stay here now. May be other place, Melbourne or Brisbane…because I had visited before.

I’m not sure what was the right choice but it was not my choice after all. The answer is in her.

What’s communication


What’s communication?」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I watched her Tv program.
    I longed for the trip of foreign.
    Her’s voices and words , It’s easy,tender, and beautiful❗❗
    But I once don’t believe, fly airplane so It’s very heavy.
    I understood theory, but couldn’t feelings.
    I think I went to foreign young age so It’s wonderful experiences for me.
    I am going to trip of Taiwan with grand daughter on the27th ofthis month

    (*´ω`*)(*´∀`)( ´∀`)




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