Elizabeth Quay

We went to the city by train. There is a famous spot around the water gate called “Elizabeth Quay”. It’s new because I didn’t see it two years ago. But a part of there still being under construction.

Going with a baby and a kid by only mother is very hard. But riding train and a car with a baby cart is very easy for a mom. It’s a very good point here. Good welfare for raising children is so rich that it’s having baby rash here. 


Elizabeth Quay」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning, today is fine weather. I am planning to relax for a day. Jayce would have enjoyed a lot of experiences. It is convenient to get on and off the train at the stroller. It is not in Japan. Please enjoy with your grandchildren.🤹‍♀️


  2. Good morning ☀
    Elizabeth Quay is beautiful and cool💙💚💜
    Jace is cool👨so his hands foled on his back.
    Emmie is cute💓💗👧
    Gentle train and bus 🚃🚌
    Very good❗
    Stroller is get on train and bus,these are arguments for and against .
    This is sad.
    I think Japan is behind considerate of the people.👦👧👴👵👶




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