What’s this?

I’ve seen some new things here in the shopping center.

I give you quiz today.

Q 1.  What’s this?

Hint of 1, Jace put coin into it.

Q2.  What’s this?

Hint of Q2, Aussies buy huge amount of shopping.
Answer is ;

Q1 is fund raising to make a wish.

Q2 is round packing at the resister for the big shopping.


What’s this?」への9件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I don’t know pictures quiz.
    ① hand wash?
    ② self check counter
    Many big and strong bag can pot on stand.
    My hair is rumpled, and my brain rumpled too.
    I am going to hair beauty salon.
    But my brain, Where cure?
    Hospital? No, please teach answer for me, I’m fine quickly.💖💘💗💝💓💕💛


  2. Thank you 💕💓💗answer.
    Not hand wash, coins wash$¥£
    You said 「round round」
    Stand move round.
    I went hair beautysalon, and I understood answer,so hair and brain 「Sukkiri」




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