Sunday storm

It was reported that thunder storm came on Sunday afternoon. But my daughter’s family planned to go to the aquarium at the beach of Hillarys. I had been there before but Jace was for the first to visit the aquarium.  He was very excited to see many kinds of fish and see creatures. Sometimes big fish scared him. 

It was not until having afternoon late lunch at the beach restaurant that terrible thunder storm came and heavy rain shower. Though it was gone in the evening being reported that caused blackout of the southern area. Fortunately we got no harm very relieved.


Sunday storm」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning. Aquariums are universal in the world. There is space in Uozu Aquarium to meet starfish and sea cuca. Your photo is a good shot.🐠🐟💕


  2. Good morning☀
    Iwas relieved to hear about storm⚡🌀
    Aquarium is wonder lands.
    Dark, cool, silent,
    Anything move , look me, but silent,*****
    Ray’s picture is very cute💓💗
    You are good photographer❗😆😉📷📹📱
    Jace spend lively everyday with your help💪
    Have a good time



  3. Good afternoon☀
    I watched 「Moana」 this morning.
    It’s beautiful❗❗and good music💕
    I get into the swing of movie🎦💕
    I am very happy💗
    Thank you recommend this movie🎦💕( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆



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