Easy life 

To start in the early morning before the sun goes up and finish doing outside, shopping , playing , cleaning or walking, especially with baby kids in the car. 

Yesterday we visited a day care center for the preschool children under 5-year-old. It’s child care service for the busy mother but very expensive AUD110 dollars about ¥10,000 a day from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

We went shopping and had a tea break at the corner of the market. Jace was having a big smile with a baby cheeno 

Why easy to live in Australia


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  1. Good morning☁☔
    Australia is great🎊💮🎉💕
    Large country, Rich natures, easygoing(like B’Z song)
    Jace’s smile is very cute😆💕💓
    Small cheeno for child, It’s good❗
    I notice new things everyday from your blog.
    Thank you💕💓💗
    Have a good time😍


  2. Good morning. It is cloudy today. Australia is seriously hot, is not it? Please keep yourself healthy.I am surprised at the expensive child care fee. Is there no free nursery school?


  3. In Japan, there is a nursery facility where mothers and children are free at any time to interact with other mothers and children, in each district to prevent child-rearing depression.


    1. Yeah …there may be here with mom and child care together kinds of moms community but child care center is without mommy and being sorted by professional nurse like at school so mommy can be apart from child having relax time or work during that period.




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