Play center

My daughter sometimes visits the play center where children under 4-year-old can play with amusements. It’s very helpful for moms if they’re pregnant or having other little babies they don’t have hands to play with the old ones. Jace is also lack of care because of mummy’s hands being busy with Emmie. He comes back the face of smile.

Riding Tomas train


Play center」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning. Your daughter is happy because you are there. I think Jace and Emmy are also stable. Your daughter is charging energy. You have given great power.❤️


  2. Good morning ⛅
    Play center is nice place.
    Japanese play center has not the age limit so very young children can’t play.
    Under 4-year-old , It’s good❗
    Jace is playing in the center with smile😍💕
    I want to visit Australia someday.
    If so I have to study hard.
    I say 「Good luck」 for me📚📖
    Have a good time😍



    1. Oh, well you should come and stay a little longer because you can’t see inner life in Australia only sightseeing visit but try to live and stay home.



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