We went out shopping every day because my daughter wanted to go out and on some errands with me. She couldn’t do it without helping on weekdays. On the weekend her husband helped her to go out but many official supports are off on the weekend. She needs to go the consulate, child day care, the vet and so on. 

We saw cars a lot. One is in the air and the other is Honda’s the same type of “Fit” but different name. Do you know it?

Yes, it’s “Jazz”.

In the shopping center mons who have more than two little child need to have a baby car and the additional board to joint the cart. Jace likes to move on the baby cart with baby Emmie.



  1. Good morning, it is a fine day today. I remembered 40 years ago when I read my teacher’s blog. I have been busy raising three children. But there were lots of fun things.☕️


  2. Good morning⛅
    Your daughter is great❗
    I was almost childcare alone but I live in Japan, so I’m not sickness.
    But she lives in Perth, It’s very hard.
    Your help is big power💪
    Please praise she💕💓
    Of course you are good motivator😍💗
    By the way
    Additional board to joint the cart, It’s very good❗
    Jace,he is happy💕 so every body become happy💕
    Have a good time😍



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