Pirate Park

We went to the park in the neighborhood called “Pirate Patk” which is designed Ocean ship.There are creatures of fishes  as well as playing equipments such as sliding board, swings, jungle gym and seesaw. Children like playing the ground equipment safely there.

Jace enjoyed all of the equipments especially swings. I was very weat and tired to push him because he’s  never be tired of swinging in the morning sunshine even around 10:00 am, it was already over 30 C outside.

There are also large grass ground for soccer behind the park. So people can enjoy sports and playing from kids to parents there.

I took 360 wide panorama pictures.


Pirate Park」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛄→⛅thank you beautiful pictures
    How large park 💙💚
    And It’s make for children and parents .💖💘💗💝💓💕💛
    Jace looks happy💕 so you play together👱👨
    Be careful❗「Nathu bate」


  2. Good morning. It was snow last night. The sun is shining this morning. I am enjoying it. I feel gentle to the wide and beautiful landscape.


  3. I was relieved to hear that💕
    Emmie is happy too so with you💕💓💗
    Have a good time😍
    ( ´∀`)/~~( v^-゜)♪(о´∀`о)ノ




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