Impressive movie

It’s “Moana” by Disney’s which got Academy Awards 2017 surpassed the one by Giburi’s. 

Moana is given life as a leader to save the dead world which was stolen “life” by the wicked hands. She was chosen to fight against the hardships for the prosperous and happy land back.

Even if the animation movie, the touch is amazing much similar to human using 3D effects. Almost of all Disney’s animations are vivid and charming character touch.  

This is specially active and laughing that I’m so much attracted by Moana. In my heart “Moana” will stay and make me encourage for a while.

It’ll be broadcasted soon in Japan. I’m very happy to have seen it previously .^_−☆

Moana best scene


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  1. It’s cool now in the morning around 20C but it’ll be 31C in the afternoon. Warm and comfortable…sorry about snowy there(*´ω`*)


  2. Good morning ☁
    How wonderful today’s movie🎦💕
    Sea is great❗ color, movement, all beautiful❗❗
    It’s dynamic and sensitive🌊
    I’m going to movie theater next week.
    By the way
    This morning began to snow lightly, but stop soon.
    The weather forecast says it will snow tomorrow.
    You are happy💕
    You are staying in tropical lands now🌴🌺🍌🍍
    Have a good time at Perth


    1. Thank you…here is near Maui Mythology land in the Polynesian. So it’s close to the fairy tale. But it’s really like a fact on now!



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