Learn from the Psychology 

It’s about the Phycology book of Alfred Adler. The professor Takashi Saito introduces how to educate children learning from the   Psycology of Adler.  It’s a famous Psychologist as an individual Psycology. 

We should read it and learn how to make independent and decided children. Change the world from selfishness to self confidence.

Learn from Psycology 


Learn from the Psychology 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I agree❗
    Athlete,Reseacher,Actor , Manager etc.
    They are go over the wall
    I run away or make a detour.
    Limits of me make from myself.
    I will say it When children come over to my house🏠


  2. Good morning. I have heard Adorah psychology a long time ago. Parents are suffering from parenting even now and again. I thought about when I was worried. Today, everyone is married and I am doing well. Fight on active moms!




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