How hard to interpret 

It’s very interesting to read and know the hard work by the interpret who interprets Japanese to English or English to Japanese. As you know there’re different cultures and habits in the background before changing the meaning of the languages. She tells about the good essences to make understand between the different nuance.

How hard to interpret


How hard to interpret 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning. The weather today is cloudy. I am surprised by recent weather change. I was surprised at the fact that the translators made a great effort to work. I would like to do my best to be able to speak English a little.


  2. Good morning ⛅
    She is great🎊💮🎉💕
    She has a talent for english.
    On the contrary she is a hard worker.
    She said 200%is ready,
    120%ability so Ms. Todoroki said similar story.
    Hard workers are great💝
    It’s important to be work hard.
    I missed English, I try to English.



    1. It’s great to touch the heart ❤️ which is feeling great. Those who can keep making efforts have strong passion as well as will.


  3. Good afternoon.
    She is greate.
    The true professional is the person like her.
    I respect her effort.
    That is more greate to translate like the person (pikotarou and funassy)
    Her story make me to study English



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