These 8 rich men…

Eight men now control as much wealth as the world’s poorest 3.6 billion people, according to a new report from Oxfam International.

It means that only 1/100,000,000 people have the half of the wealth in the world. 

“Such dramatic inequality is trapping millions in poverty, fracturing our societies, and poisoning our politics,” said Paul O’Brien, Oxfam America’s Vice President for Policy and Campaigns.

These 8 men are richer than 3.6 billion people combined
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These 8 rich men…」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I watched 8men on Tv this morning📺
    But I’ve never heard of they donated to poor people.

    I hope to they will found school, hospital for that teacher, doctors, nurses🏥🏫


  2. Good evening.
    According to my son Bill Gates and others donated big a mount.
    Bill founded many foundations for charity activities.
    Tody. I had a lecture on bird shaped bread and punpkin bread.
    It was very soft and delicious.



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