Back pain Bauer

It’s said that back pain is healed by the simple and easy practice each time. You don’t have to do it so hard.

Back pain Bauer


Back pain Bauer」への11件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I tried it💃
    When do I over backward , not up chin, so I hurt my neck.
    But I don’t have backache.
    Stretching exercises is very good for health.
    Go on steadily little by little「tap tap」
    So 「kotu kotu」骨、骨



    1. You’ve done it very well. Snow has melted down and you don’t have to work any more…your exercise is walking. That’s nice of you in such a lovely day😊


  2. Good morning.☀️Lumbar exercise is easy and I will be able to continue.
    I have a hard siff shoulder like a stone .I think that it a lot downward posture.
    Is there no movement to relax year shoulders?


    1. Stiff shoulder comes from neck stiff I think …so I make my neck round slowly but not good hitting or press strongly. You can stretch arm and back bone slowly like a pose of cat walk. Back stretch and lying on the back is useful for stiff shoulder.



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