The god of the forest

It was a very touched and thrilling documentary about Japanese bear called “Tsukinowaguma”. The animal photographer Mr.Yokota in Nikko has been taking movies of the inhabitants for more than 1000 hours. He was so amaging to have caught unknown activities of wild bears. Especially when breeding babies the mother bears are too much burden. The male bears kill the babies because of their native instinct to succeed the own DNA. It was really sorry for the mother bear to have lost being killed the babies by the invader. I was really upset with the male bears’ wildness and merciless. But it’s the nature…

In the interview Mr.Yokota said “The wild bears are God in the forest”. He loves them and watch their life in his life.

The god of the forest


The god of the forest」への15件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄
    Bear is big and cute in a zoo🐻
    But bear lives in forest is terrible
    The natural world is hard for survived.
    I know that they have their rules but that is cruel.
    I hope Mr. Yokota will well for ever


    1. As he says bears and wild animals living in the native land are god to protect the nature. I think human being should not invade their areas.



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