Keep in frozen 

I have a lot of frozen food in the ziplocks or packages. Rice cake, bread, banana, leftovers of curry and some beans as well as icecream. I make use of them to preserve fresh for a long time when I don’t eat at the moment.

But I never used some of those which are introduced attached in the topic. I had a failure which I had tried was pumpkin. I made cut into slices and frozen in the ziplock. But it was not good. So it’s better when you keep pumpkin in frozen you need to cook or make into paste. I can’t do so many things frozen because there are full in my freezer.

Keep in frozen


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  1. Good morning ☁
    I have many frozen food by home made too😁
    I made a lot of sprinkling salt on a raw cucumber this summer and It’s frozen
    I ate it on October
    Not 「pari pari」 then「shina shina」
    It changed China from France❕⁉
    But it will good with vinegar

    ( ・∇・)( ☆∀☆)(#^.^#)


  2. Good evening.
    There must freezer now.
    Ialso store bread , rice, spinach and komatsuna, broccli, gratin and
    Japanese sweets in the freezen.
    I try to appreciate them as soon as possible.


    1. Of course it’s better to eat fresh and hot food just now. But we take advantage frozen preserved food a lot because of saving time.


    1. Do you have anyone who is to get the exam around you?
      I guess parents or family who has someone who is the student are worrisome for the bad weather for these days.



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