What’s “Goat Yoga”?

I’ve learned Hata Yoga for 4 years before. It was my goal to learn how to make relax myself, especially how to breathe deeply.

But this is different kind of Yoga called Goat Yoga. It’s making relax with Goat in the farm.

Goat Yoga

Japanese version


What’s “Goat Yoga”?」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅→❄⛄
    😆Goat is cute
    It’s good yoga❕⁉
    I going to gym classroom for health on Friday
    Wow I look at myself in the mirror????
    That is donkey❕❕❕
    I made mistake
    Elderly woman so「rooba」


    1. You make me laugh again…😂
      Don’t worry we are all animals…donkey is cute but rooba is also pretty old lady, isn’t it?👵🏻


  2. Good morning.
    What a goat and yoge are unique.
    I have used yoge a long time ago.
    I have difficulty breathing,I remember being frustrated.
    I can not get addominal breathing.
    So my stomach will not go into it.
    I would like to master yoga as much as I can with a goat.


    1. Yeah…it’s good to keep practicing Yoga. I do it when I have stiff shoulder and pain in my back …,remember doing it 😆




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