After 70 years

“When Ferris and Margaret Romaire got married on Nov. 24 1946, they kept things simple. They had a 15-minute ceremony and a reception at Margaret’s parents’ home. The only problem? No one had a camera, so there are no photos of the special day.”

The Romaires finally took wedding photos after 70 years. They’re still in love and live their life at home.

The secret of their good relationship is …………….    “Ferris said that ‘giving each other space and respecting one another’ was important, as is remembering to ‘admit when you are wrong, except that Margaret is never wrong!'”Carter said.                  While “Margaret said that saying sorry and compromising are key.”
The couple waited for 70 years


After 70 years」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁→❄⛄
    Ferris and Margaret Romaire
    Husband and wife life passed for 70years
    It’s miracle❕❕
    They are like a newly married couple👰👨
    Best wishes💕💕


  2. The day before yesterday, I stayed at Nagano’s care house and ate dinner with mother.
    And I took 96 year old mother to the hospital yesterday.


  3. Good afternoon .
    I thing that they are teqible with marriage of 70 years.
    Bothe of you have a abright clalm face.
    I also want to take pictures like tow two people after thirty years.
    I would like to take good care of them from this.



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