Ability to recognize faces

“Ability to recognize faces grows with age” is shown that our brain is growing to recognize as it’s being grown up. The new research might also help the brain development or disorders such as autism.

Ability to recognize faces


Ability to recognize faces」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁→❄⛄
    It’s useful in air port and stations🚄✈🏦⛵🚄
    Recognize fingerprint can pretend to be other f picture so tv anchor says it!
    Take care of picture❕❕✌👍


    1. Is it about development of technology you’re talking?
      I’m telling about human brain whose ability to recognize faces is growing with age but declining with old age like me recently 😆🍂


  2. Excuse me
    I am not good recognize faces now.
    I have a little concentration.
    It function work I can well.
    My brain need many information for example face, voice, clothes, conversation etc.
    My brain is big eater like me
    It’s not work only face⁉


    1. I understand…dogs are almost blind but they have strong sensor for smell. So we need to use all the abilities and informations 😇




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