Touching the baby

My daughter could left the hospital with her daughter after surgery 3 days later, on Sunday. Though I wanted her to have good rest during in the hospital but she needs to care for the elder son Jace, too. Her husband took days off for a few days while she stayed in the hospital. I know she would be very busy at home can’t sleep well with new born baby.

But she says that Jace is a good brother now.


Touching the baby」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    Jace is good brother❕💕👦
    Mother is very busy and very tired
    She is no need perfect so she needs corner cutting
    I pray for her recovery


    1. Thanks. I also remember my experience after giving birth I was really weak and sick for a while. So mothers should be strong by caring healthy by themselves.



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