Brilliant blue

It was perfect blue sky and beautiful sunshine yesterday.

I went to drive to the east and had lots of power in the nature.

I made a photo diary of the day       “Mountain view & Ice cream”


Brilliant blue」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Yes indeed❕
    W corn ice good😆❗❗❗
    Good morning ⛅
    My daughter and her husband came my house 🏠 yesterday🍶
    They greeted our for a beginning of the year
    But they went home as soon as they went shopping for dinner’s foodstuffs🍤🍣🍗🍲
    They are like a typhoon⚡🌀



    1. My friend paid me good 31 corn ice cream by the coupon. So I gave her good drive to take good coffee ☕️ instead(╹◡╹)


  2. It was really blue sky and comfortable weather yesterday.
    I went to the nearby park for a walk, too.
    I’m proud of Tateyama Mountain view.
    And I washed many things.
    But they did’t dry.



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