The best economical heater

How do you live with home heater when it comes cold in winter?

I’ve been lived in an all electric system for more than 6 years and mostly air conditioners with no oil nor gas heaters at all.

I’m sure it’s been much better cost performance than ever 6 years before when using triple energy resources, such as oil heaters, gas stoves and  electric appliances. 

Though using solo energy supply is a little bit risky when it’s black out. I can’t do anything without electricity. So I still hold an old cassette gas stove in case of emergency. I’m okay so far so good.

The best economical heater


The best economical heater」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    I use gas floor heating all the first floor
    It’s gently warm no wind ,no difference temperature so second floor isn’t cold
    24hour same temperature
    It’s very good😆the best heater but don’t economical heater




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