Farm to table

It’s a new business of farming to know for the first time. It’s such a  cooperative network from the producers to the end user directly by way of IoT(internet of things), face to face system.

For the consumers it’s safe to see how the vegetables are grown and sent us. But it would be another problem that the cost would be higher than at the market. Of course good things for example organic and non chemicals are much expensive so we can’t use them each day. Healthy, safe and good cost performance are must things for us.

Farm to table


Farm to table」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    New business is interesting
    It’s like a smartphone game
    Don’t sweat but can harvest
    I can get fresh vegetables from friends in the same
    But I have had a lot of conversations with them
    It makes more than delicious🎶💗🍎🍉🍅🍆🌽



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