Trio Hyacinth 

I got a pot of hyacinth with three bulbs. I wanted to grow them in the water in the room. As I didn’t replant them and left in the pot for a long while, then one of the young plants stated to bloom.

I made them divide into single pot finally yesterday. One of them is still in the soil pot which already has flowers and the others are put into water pots. 

I don’t know what will be after all. I just enjoy aquaculture during winter.

By the way the imperial dahlia hasn’t bloom yet though it was really warm enough to bloom. I was waiting for their coming late.


Trio Hyacinth 」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Central pink Hyacinth is cute😆
    Other Hyacinth What color?
    I think trio Hyacinth please you When spring has come
    By the way
    Dahlia 🌼
    Do your best❗❗
    I cheer you😄🎌


    1. Thank you for the cheering. I don’t know when he or she will bloom “emperor ” seems maybe “he”, doesn’t it?
      Anyway it’s upon him not knowing for surely come this year.😌 Too much expectation will kill me😕



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