Punch against the kangaroo 

A man rushed to rescue his hunting dog which was held neck-locked by the kangaroo. He bravely fighted and punched against the kangaroo. He finally made nothing get hurt seriously. 

Punch against the kangaroo 

There is another story behind the video. A young man who has infected cancer joined this wild hunting tour happened to watch the scene. He laughed and made his memorable moment in his life. He passed away just after married to his girlfriend last week Dec.1.

A man wished to join the tour


Punch against the kangaroo 」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I knew punching kangaroo his name Hachi
    But today’s kangaroo ,he used tighten technique
    Married man battle for his cancer
    Oh so sorry



    1. I also remember boxing kangaroo Hachi in Nagano zoo but passed away a few years ago.
      It’s funny that kangaroo shows fighting pose but in the nature what if kangaroo should attack and head rocking to me😱it’s so scary! I can’t rescue my 🐶




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