Deep color in late autumn

It was a beautiful morning yesterday. 

When I walked to work and enjoyed deep autumn color 🍂 

Freddie, Daniel, Alfred, Ben, Clare and other leaves are already fallen on the roadside. I talked to them   ” Good job and good bye. See you in spring! ”


Deep color in late autumn」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    Pictures are beautiful❗❗🍂
    Color of red- orange- yellow- brown-stay my garden
    But Freddie is gone to sleep the first
    Thank you Freddie🍂🌱🌿
    By the way
    It was warm yesterday
    I planted bulb of tulip after weed in my town ‘s small flowerbed
    But I doesn’t plant it my garden
    I am going to plant bulb of lilies🌷


    1. It was very shocking news just after I uploaded my blog this morning. It’s a big shaking in the Northeast Japan still being careful of Tsunami….we can’t see it off on the incident. Just pray for not having the second disaster again.



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