Be careful of the rapid weather change

It was very aweful yesterday the M7.2 strong earthquake attacked the Northeast Japan and people needed to take emergent refuge from the sea area because of Tsunami. We were very worried and recalled bad dream 5 years ago. It was lucky happened in the morning but not at night. I’m very sorry for the people who are still in the temporary dwellings. We never feel easy for a while.

The weather changes to get cold today and tomorrow. It’s so surprising that even the east Japan would be snowy not only in Hokkaido today. Our area might also have the first snow tonight. We’re careful for the bad weather so stay warm.

Rapid weather change


Be careful of the rapid weather change」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    Northeast Japan had an earthquake again
    There are hard for restored to normal
    NortheastJapan become very cold and snowy winter⛄❄
    I am only raise funds
    And I pray for peoples



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