Slow life

I don’t know what is said about my two days off from the bad ache.

I was just staying home forgetting everything to do. For example, I have to read the paper, books and watching something beneficial documentaries and so on. As I couldn’t go out because of my weakness from preventing virus or giving mine to others….something like that.

I almost recovered until yesterday but my brain still remembered the ghost of pain a little. I learned what a wonderful immune system working in life. Time and care can cure and recover the illness.

I enjoyed making citron syrup or eating ripe persimmon and dried young sardines which my dear friends gave me.

It was my ultimate slow life on the weekend.


Slow life」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    You are sick but You have
    「A friend in need is friend indeed」
    Ripe persimmon and cinnamon looks delicious
    Your friend’s power is great



    1. Thanks…I do believe in sustainable life in our life! So time will tell you when it is incurable. Medicines are of course helpful but main is ourselves.😉


  2. Excuse me
    My son and he’s children were decide they come my house today sudden
    I couldn’t go to 501classroom
    Maria-marser-marglet-tamtam and Scarlett



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