I’m almost recovered from the hard pain of my back and easier to move my body in the bed. I think it miraculous change from the day before. I can’t still believe where the pain has gone.

I really want to know the mechanism of our body system.

The reason of the pain



  1. Good morning ☀
    You became a bit well☺
    It’s good😆
    I don’t catch cold so
    「A fool don’t catch cold」(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)
    By the way
    Iwas looking forward to drinking heab tea in Hungary☕
    But I am volunteer activity for plant bulb of tulip at today🌷
    I am disappoint😞
    I can’t drink heab tea but I can eat lunch with volunteer friends
    Either today is happy day🍙🍤🍜🍠🍗🍣☕(




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