You’re not alone…enjoying life

This is a 88-year-old woman having life as a semi professional photographer.

Her theme is “Not alone but enjoying life supported by people”

Her life work is taking photos and editing them on the Mac computer. Her life seems very artistic and colorful.

Not alone


You’re not alone…enjoying life」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    She is great ❗❗
    She’s 「Jigyaku」 photo is cool❕
    A camellia and leaves are very beautiful🌼🍂
    It is never too late to learn
    So she is just right
    I want to follow the example of she’s way of life



    1. Well….her brain and body seem much younger than her real age. It means that human being can recover youth and energy by itself if you like.



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